English: European Identity

George M Grow Jr

The European identity is based on the experience of the world wars and their purpose on avoiding this experience. Its identity is negative in the sense that it is based on the horror of wars and on a defensive culture that is rightly directed against racism, fascism, anti-Semitism and National Socialism as in a trauma and in fear of its own tradition by what creativity, evolution and democracy are blocked.

The European Union has adopted the identity of Europe and, at the latest since the fall of the Iron Curtain, the first justification for its existence and its extension was the avoidance of a new war. To this day it is run as a peace project.

The European identity, based on its avoidance culture, is reaching fewer and fewer people because the generations involved in the war have almost completely died away. A dynamic, free, strong and creative Europe requires a new identity that will unlock the way to the future, not only in technical fields but on the intellectual, social and cultural levels, and unleash and mobilize the bound forces.

The conservative avoidance culture of the European Union affects all citizens. The public discourse is limited. The intellectual and cultural life on its avoidance tactics far reduced or fixed on the surface of empty content and thus classified as „safe“ contributions. The unfortunates are generously supported, but the gifted ones are hardly or not at all supported and encouraged. This mind captivates the potential of creative, forward-looking forces, which Europe needs also in order to face the global competition, e. g. against China and India, whose identities are consistently positive, self-confident and optimistic.

The worst thing that one can do to oneself is not to exert the energy to change oneself when one is aware of the need to change something about oneself.

I-Fund supports intellectuals, free spirits, artists, outsiders, lateral thinkers and scientists who feel left alone, disturbed or undermined in their work. I-Fund provides platforms for marginal works, activities and visions and sees itself as an identity-building force for a new, open, strong Europe, which is by nature more and more an integral Europe.

Tradition + Modernism = Postmodernism / Integrality

Traditionalism – belief in human reason
Modernism – Loss of faith in reason
Postmodernism – Dialectic of Traditionalism and Modernism

Diversity + Unity = Integrality

Progress + Development = Integrality

Progress – Evolution
Development – Involution

The Concrete + The Abstract = Integrality

Reason + Emotion = Integrality

Materiality + Spirituality = Integrality

Masculine principle + Feminine principle = Integrality


Preamble: I-Fund dissociate itself from authoritarian, fundamentalist, exclusivist ideologies, from racism, anti-Semitism, fascism, sexism, misogyny, discrimination of males, homophobia and all forms of discrimination. Its contributors must refrain from any statements and actions in this regard and distance themselves from them.

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