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Thanks to its generous and numerous patrons, cropped-logo-kopie.jpg is able to grant fundings of each 1,000 to 20,000 euros in the topics desribed below. Patrons are composed of two groups:

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  • Partners

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Funded topics

Cult and culture

  • Biedermeier Reloaded – Retreat Into Private Life
    Project-Code 045C

„Biedermeier“ is the period from the end of the Congress of Vienna in 1815 until the beginning of the Bourgeois Revolution in 1848 in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, etc. The term „Biedermeier“ refers to the notion of restoration of the political state after the end of the Napoleonic era and the Congress of Vienna. Like in those days, the population is frustrated and disappointed with the restoration of the political state, as it was before World War II. The conservation of the conditions, as they were lamented in the political youth movement of 1968, seems to dominate again. More and more people feel powerless and retreat into their private lives.

  • Smartphone – Networking and Banishment
    Project-Code 078C
  • Fusion of Tradition and Modernity
    Project-Code 014C

In a parable from the 16th century, the tradition is represented as a giant and modernity as a dwarf. The dwarf stands on the shoulders of the giant and looks further than he can, but could see only a little without his assistance. Does this allegory correspond to the facts or do we have to break with tradition completely in order to progress as humanity and master the challenges we face in our time?

  • Youth Culture – Try Everything Out
    Project-Code 029C
  • The Spirit of the ’68 – What has Remained?
    Project-Code 054C
  • Sexuality – The new religion?
    Project-Code 026C
  • The Books of Life
    Project-Code 014C

The literary work of universal artist George M Grow Jr is dedicated to the integrality of opposites, views and lifestyles. Funded are artists and intellectuals who draw attention to themselves with specimen pieces / pilot works: book illustration, video (documentary, discussion, art film, etc.), interpretations / theories / essays, stagings, etc.
Projekt-Code 022C


  • Ritual Culture – Recovery of the Soul

    Project-Code 027L

  • Integral Fitness
    Project-Code 027L

Aside from our job and the time we need for our family and relaxation, there is often little time left for sports and exercise. With the concept of „Integral Fitness“, we use opportunities to keep ourselves fit: standing on tiptoe at red traffic lights, swinging a few exercises at the children’s playground or preferring to take the staircase instead of the elevator.

  • The Zeitgeist Trap – Back to Liveliness
    Project-Code 008L

Living in the zeitgeist always carries a high price. Mass phenomena such as perversion, burnout and depression make clear that we as a society actually have no choice: we have gone too far in bearing the control and regulation of liveliness on the basis of a mechanistic, reductionist worldview and are in doing so slamming into the wall. A large number of patients are the outriders of a system crash. They are symptoms of the defects of our time, but we are blind to the warning signs. Humanity’s experience and evolution are much richer and have much more to offer than the zeitgeist today or of any other time, epoch or culture.

Natural Science

  • „Beste aller möglichen Welten“ – Tatsache oder Idealisierung?
    Project-Code 007S

Der berühmte Satz von der „besten aller möglichen Welten“ ist oft missverstanden worden, unter anderem hat ihn Voltaire in seinem Roman Candide parodiert. Die Idee der „besten aller möglichen Welten“ soll nicht in naiver Weise tatsächliches und großes Übel in der Welt leugnen oder schönreden. Vielmehr weist sein Urheber, der deutsche Philosoph und Mathematiker Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, auf einen notwendigen Zusammenhang zwischen Gutem und Üblem hin: Es gebe nämlich Gutes, das nur zum Preis der Existenz von Übel zu haben ist. Die wirkliche Welt ist die beste u. a. in dem Sinne, dass das Gute in ihr auch von Gott nicht mit einem geringeren Maß an Übel verwirklicht werden kann. Außerdem ist die „beste aller möglichen Welten“ dynamisch gedacht: Nicht der derzeitige Zustand der Welt ist der bestmögliche, sondern die Welt mit ihrem Entwicklungspotential ist die beste aller möglichen Welten.

The famous phrase of the „best of all possible worlds“ has often been misunderstood. Among others, Voltaire parodied it in his novel Candide. The idea of ​​the „best of all possible worlds“ should not naively deny or discreetly correct actual and great evil in the world. Rather, its author, the German philosopher and mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, points to a necessary connection between good and evil: there is good just of the price of the existence of evil. The real world is the best possible, inter alia, in the sense that the good cannot be realized by God even with a lesser degree of evil. Moreover, the „best of all possible worlds“ is dynamically thought: not the current state of the world is the best possible, but the world with its development potential is the best of all possible worlds.

  • Evolution – Meaning of Life?
    Project-Code 048S


  • Nation States Versus Multiculture
    Project-Code 032P
  • Vision for Europa
    Project-Code 009P
  • In the Semblance of Democracy
    Project-Code 010P
  • Dominant Culture and Criticism – When Capitalism and Socialism Hug Each Other for a Brotherly Kiss
    Project-Code 004P
  • Progress and Development – No Difference?
    Project-Code 011P
  • Policy of Needs versus Policy Real
    Project-Code 029P

Religious Studies

  • „Just one among many“ – Criticism of fundamentalism and exclusivism of religions including atheism and nihilism
    Project-Code 003R
  • „The Paradise (already) Here on Earth“ – The Religious Nature of Capitalism and Socialism
    Project-Code 010P
  • Die Theology of the Visionary Wald Whittman
    Project-Code 018P
  • The Adventures of the Visionary Wald Whittman
    Project-Code 020P
  • About the Possibility of a New Religion
    Project-Code 021P

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