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101 Innovations for I-Fund participans and an Integral World

An interview with chairwoman Kattia Watson Carazo. She took over the management of the I-Fund Hub for start-ups at the beginning of March 2018 in order to promote, too, other women.


Integral Skills for Your Business

The I-Fund has managed to make quite an impression and gain a considerable name for itself. How can we maintain this initial momentum?

Kattia Watson: The I-Fund just opened its hub in March of 2018, and the momentum that the team brought to the founding and start-up phase is still quite tangible every day. Internal communication is very prompt.

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Decisions are made quickly. The strong team spirit as well as the positive overall mood are infectious for everyone who is linked with us.

Supermarket for Innovations

For years, we have been seeing talking about seeing eye-to-eye with start-ups and corporations. How does the I-Fund training campus plan to implement this topic?

Kattia Watson: Most corporations have millions of customers, develop processes and methods and have considerable financial resources at their disposal.

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But their size makes them cumbersome. They are constantly exposed to innovations, new competitors and rapidly changing customer needs.

Start-ups can fill these gaps and help corporations accelerate the necessary changes and innovations.

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It is a win-win situation whenever the I-Fund takes over matchmaking, from scouting through to the first steps toward initiating concrete innovation projects.

Integrality as our Goal

What does that mean specifically? Does that mean that innovations forged by I-Fund are subject to Integral standards?

Kattia Watson: As a fundation we pursue a higher goal. If it were just a matter of us as a Multi-Corporate Accelerator to provide large companies with first-class innovations, business models and services as cheaply as possible at the expense of young, hopeful people, then we would be putting profit above our higher goal.

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But, in contrast to other hubs for start-ups, we do not plunder our members.

Unlike the social media, we place our emphasis on collective intelligence: when one member takes a step forward, they are openly supported by other members. “Why say no when you can say yes?” is one of our house slogans.

Humanism over Capitalism

In other start-up centers there is an application phase: thousands of applicants send in their innovations. They are saved using Industry 4.0, managed, viewed and assessed. Finally three winners are selected, leaving thousands of losers.

The question arises: what happens with all the other applications that remain in the system? Of the thousands of applications is fourth place really that much worse than the third-place winner? The best three profit, but what of the others?

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Kattia Watson: The difference is that the I-Fund is not dependent on any bank or insurance company. The I-Club is not concerned with providing capital-rich large corporations the means to increase their profit rate.

Our offering also goes far beyond the categories of high finance such as energy, construction and IT. Our interest is focused on people; our members, and not just money. Under capitalism, money is the be-all and end-all of all decisions, we put people and our integral mission first.

The capitalist approach has been repressing people for the past 50,000 years. Jesus threw the money changers out of the Temple to remind us that of all the places in the world, at least this one should be kept free from profit-making.

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Small is beautiful

Three days later he was nailed to the cross. Does that mean that the I-Club intervenes against the rich in the class struggle?

Kattia Watson: No. When the little people complain about the rich and about politicians, we can answer: those people up there are cut from the same cloth as you. The distinction lies elsewhere: in maintaining the balance, a degree of proportionality. We proceed from the assumption that freedom can only be attained in small structures.

Larger structures, regardless of whether under the auspices of capitalism or of socialism, are centralistic, rationalist, impersonal and inhumane. That does not mean that there should not be any international corporations as long as they do not overly disrupt the balance with the smaller ones.

The threshold of tolerance has once more long been exceeded. This places more emphasis on the simple people whose ideas, ideals, talents energies and innovations lead to new beginnings.

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Both large and small companies are active in our fundation network, it is the artist next door, the mother of three children who wants to find time for a good cause for a few hours each week, or for all the various men and women who we encounter at trade fairs, exhibitions or in the Internet and who have long wanted to realize something, that we really want to try to support in realizing their dreams.

This can be in the form of participating in a workshop or a video production, or an independent source of income through online book sales, member advertising or acting as a business consultant, although some of them have already grown rich as ambassadors, brokers and engineers in the task of Integrality. You can join as a permanent member for a one-off payment of 175 Euros. Unlike other start-up centers you do not need to pay costly office rent or enter into any other time-consuming commitments.

The Integral Skill Level

What then is the Integral skill level that makes up the difference to other start-up centers and think tanks?

Kattia Watson: In training campus you will find numerous examples of that Integral means. You will encounter innovations that can improve or even revolutionize entire fields, areas of life and science: society, education, culture, psychology, art and even politics and religion.

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And business?

That remains our company secret.


Kattia Watson: Because we cannot equip just anyone with state-of-the-art Integral technology. For example, we would like to work with the auto maker Porsche because it does not employ temporary workers and it pays its employees equitably. We can also imagine working closely together with companies like DM or Krupp. Because they believe in sustainability.

The I-Fund is a club with idea-based goals. It does not seek to become an institution, because institutions often wind up betraying the very ideas they were based on. And it will not become a business company because the idea it is based on is not money but rather people and their future.

Where can we find out more about what integral can really mean?

Kattia Watson: For that, you can read the Books of Life ®. In them, you will see the integral horizon open up before you.

Thank you for the interview.


Start with the Books of Life ®

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